Sourcing Images and Video – A Warning

sourcing images for your business

Keep Your Ethics Strong when Sourcing Images for Your Marketing Using images and video in social media and marketing is an essential part of capturing attention, conveying messages, and enhancing your brand visibility. But where you get images really matters! A lot! You can quickly find yourself in hot water and face legal issues if you […]

Every Mental Health Counselor Should Be Blogging

If you have no interest in blogging, you should quit now and go find another job.  Go work for BetterHelp and make nothing.  They didn’t tell you this in school but …. *shocker* You have to write.  There. I said it. I mean it. If you can’t see the obvious power behind blogging you should […]

Lead Magnets: Your Secret to Getting More Clients

What is a Lead Magnet? This is a marketing term you may hear from time to time. You’ve most certainly downloaded one. Simply put a lead magnet is piece of valuable information that you give away for free so you can get information about a prospective client. In exchange for this information a visitor to […]

Lead Magnets – What Are They For

lead magnet banner

🎯 What is a Lead Magnet? A lead magnet is essentially an incentive or a valuable offering that you give away for free in exchange for someone’s contact information, typically their email address. This can be an e-book, a webinar, a free consultation, a discount coupon, or anything that provides immediate value to your potential […]

Balancing Diagnostic Terms and Layman Language

Enhancing Readability, Search Engine Performance, and Broadening Appeal In the realm of mental health counseling, effective communication plays a pivotal role in building connections and fostering understanding. To strike a harmonious balance between expert knowledge and approachability, mental health counselors leverage both diagnostic terms and layman language in their website and social media copy. This […]

The Imperative of Exceptional Logo Design

Scaling, Orientation, and Functionality Why A Versatile Logo Matters In the fast-paced world of business marketing, a logo is not merely an accessory but a cornerstone of brand identity. The importance of a versatile logo can never be overstated. It’s the visual embodiment of your brand that communicates its personality and values without words. For that […]

Mastering Image Sizing for Social Media

Captivate with Great Scroll-Stopping Visuals In the fast-paced world of social media, capturing users’ attention is a daunting task. Among the myriad of posts flooding their feeds, an eye-catching image that stands out can be the key to stopping the scroll. However, it is crucial to strike a balance between visual appeal and information sharing. In […]

Choose a Default Social Share Image for Your Website

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Default Social Media Share Image for SEO In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for any business or website. Social media platforms have become powerful tools for driving traffic and boosting visibility. When visitors share your website’s content on social media, a captivating share […]

Display Advertising – Expanding Your Reach Visually

Google Display Ads are a powerful extension to your marketing toolbox, offering the unique advantage of visual advertising across the Google Display Network – a collection of over two million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear. Unlike PPC ads, which rely on text-based searches, Display Ads leverage appealing images, banners, or multimedia […]

Google PPC Ads for Mental Health Marketing

googles ads for mental health marketing

Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ads have emerged as a pivotal player in the realm of digital advertising. Leveraging the immense reach and sophistication of Google’s search engine, PPC Ads offer mental health professionals a potent tool to enhance their online visibility, drive traffic to their website, and attract potential clients.  Why Google PPC Ads? 🤔 Google […]