What is a Lead Magnet?

This is a marketing term you may hear from time to time. You’ve most certainly downloaded one. Simply put a lead magnet is piece of valuable information that you give away for free so you can get information about a prospective client. In exchange for this information a visitor to your site (regardless of how they got to your site) will give you their contact information in exchange. The idea behind a lead magnet is to entice a potential client into entering your sales funnel. Let go of your objections right now – are you in business or not?

Why Do You Want a Lead Magnet?

You’re spending money getting traffic to your website. Potentially lots of money if you are running Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads etc. But regardless, you are driving traffic to your website. That’s why it is there. I’ll give you a frightening statisticLess than 3% of your total traffic will convert to a lead – on average. That means even though you spent money on that click most of it will not convert to a new client or even a lead on a new client. That’s where lead magnets come into the picture. 

How Do Lead Magnets Work?

Here’s how a lead magnet works in the world of mental health.  When someone visits a page on your site – regardless of the traffic source – but for this example let’s use Google Ads as the source of the traffic – they are presented with your landing page copy. That should be specific to the source of the traffic. That means if someone searches for “Best Anxiety Therapist Near Me” for example they should go to a page specifically about Anxiety, You (or your Practice) and your approach to Anxiety therapy with a strong call to action. They will read the page but only a small percentage will convert to a lead. That is a big problem! 

That’s when the mighty Lead Magnet comes into the picture. We spent money on that ad click and we need to make something of it. Like I say in my Customer Journey Course the research/consideration phases of the Customer Journey are often very long. If someone is at the beginning of their research/consideration phase they are unlikely to fill out your lead form or take action to become your client. 

So what we do is offer them valuable information while they are on the page. I suggest using multiple “Calls to Action” to do that. That is normally an inline call to action – also known as a CTA – that offers them something of value in exchange for their information. I also suggest putting an “Exit Intent Pop-Up” in place that offers that valuable information again when they start to close the browser window, have scrolled to a certain depth on the page, etc. 

When the visitor gives you their information to get information they automatically enter a drip campaign that delivers the information they requested. But we’re not done! Our conversion window is still alive and kicking. So then we send them additional information about their concern, your practice, your solutions, and more calls to action for them to schedule a consultation or session with you. This builds trust and authority. If you are using our CRM it also uses our magic to put them in progressive buckets where we spend more money on those who have expressed the most interest in your services by downloading material, reading articles that we send, and other valuable metrics. The entire time you are establishing yourself as an authority, giving yourself another chance to convert the visitor to a client, and maximizing your return on ad spend

I know what you’re thinking – this sounds like a lot of work! It is. But thankfully that’s why you hire an expert marketing agency like us to implement it for you. 

Why Would They Download My Lead Magnet?

When working with new therapists I most often see no call to action on their site at all. I occasionally see a “Join My Mailing List” but trust me – nobody is doing that without getting something in return. A targeted lead magnet that provides information that will help them or provide information is worth giving up your information. 

We want our lead magnet to be highly relevant to their concern.  We want our lead magnet to be Valuable so that they are willing to give you their information to get it. We want it to be Easily Delivered usually in a PDF so that there’s no cost to them to consume it and it doesn’t cost you anything after it is created. 

This shows you that the visitor is interested in solving their problem. That means they have higher intent which makes them a more ideal client. This means that we’ll put more effort into converting them into a client. That means we spend more to get this person as a client because they want help

If your paid traffic is going to your homepage you have an emergency and should schedule a consultation right away. Just Google “should I send my PPC traffic to my homepage” and you’ll see the answer is NO. Your Ad Destination is vital to your success.  YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!

What Does a Lead Magnet Look Like? 

Lead magnets come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve embedded a couple of generic lead magnets below. If these were actually for a client there would be additional “Call to Action” pages and more branding. If you already have content, we can convert it into a lead magnet. If you don’t, we have dozens of examples or we can make one specifically for you. 

Below you’ll find an Autogenic Training Guide with real autogenic exercises. 

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