What We Do

We're a Different Type of Therapy Marketing Agency

I know you’re in professional groups.  If you’re working with an agency now or have in the past, I can probably guess how they operate. I’ve decided to do things differently. 

I know that great therapist marketing requires a holistic approach that treats every aspect of your business as a part of an engine. I don’t just work on one part – I work on all the parts. Every single part has to be working in peak condition with optimum results for desired results of growth and success. 

What is a fCMO?

Understanding the multifaceted demands of running a mental health group practice, you’re likely all too familiar with the balancing act it requires. You’ve dedicated your career to healing and guiding others, embodying a role that’s both noble and challenging. Amidst this, the necessity of marketing your practice can seem like an added burden—one that’s complex and constantly evolving. This is where the concept of a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (FCMO) comes into play, a role I embody to bridge that very gap.

As a Fractional CMO, I offer a unique solution, enabling you to access senior-level marketing expertise without the commitment of a full-time executive hire. This approach is not just cost-effective but also tailored to fit the unique needs and scale of your practice. My role is to strategize, guide, and implement marketing initiatives that resonate with your practice’s ethos and goals, ensuring that your services reach those in need, effectively and compassionately.

Comprehensive Marketing Matters - Google Ads is Just One Piece of a Puzzle

The truth is, it’s impractical to expect that you, as a therapist, can also become an expert marketer while running your practice. Marketing, especially in today’s digital age, requires a deep understanding of various channels, techniques, and analytics—knowledge that takes years to acquire and constant dedication to stay updated. My expertise lies in navigating this complex landscape, allowing you to focus on what you do best: providing exceptional care to your clients.

By partnering with me, you’re not just outsourcing marketing tasks; you’re investing in a strategic ally who’s committed to understanding the core of your practice and translating that into marketing success. I’m focused on many tasks including enhancing your online presence, refining your brand messaging, driving client engagement, and attracting new clients, I’m here to help your practice thrive, ensuring that those seeking mental health support can find their way to your expert care.

In essence, as your Fractional CMO, my goal is to shoulder the marketing load, enabling you to continue focusing on your practice’s most critical aspect—patient care. Together, we can build a bridge between your invaluable services and the individuals who need them the most, fostering growth and making a meaningful impact in the community you serve. You are not alone. Take a breath and schedule your consultation.