The Customer Journey

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Decisions Take Time - Especially Choosing to Get Help

In the realm of mental health therapy, the journey a potential client undergoes before deciding to engage with a practice is nuanced and deeply personal. Recognizing this, our agency takes a markedly different approach compared to our competitors, particularly when it comes to remarketing and nurturing potential clients through their decision-making process. Our understanding of the mental health journey’s complexities sets us apart, enabling us to craft strategies that resonate on a deeper level with those seeking help.

The belief that a single touchpoint—such as a first-click conversion from Google Ads—can consistently convert inquiries into clients is a misconception, especially in the sensitive and intricate field of mental health therapy. Trust and authority cannot be established instantly; they are cultivated over time through consistent, thoughtful engagement. Our comprehensive remarketing plan is designed with this understanding at its core. We know that the initial interaction is just the beginning of a longer conversation.

Our strategy revolves around the creation of a high-value lead magnet, offered at the first visit to our digital touchpoints. This might be an anxiety journal or a set of affirmation wallpapers.  This lead magnet serves not only as an immediate resource for potential clients but also as an invitation to a journey of discovery and trust-building. Following this, a multi-week email sequence is tailored to each focus area and associated concerns, providing them with valuable insights, affirmations, and information that reinforce our authority and credibility in the mental health space.

This approach is crucial because, in mental health, trust is not given lightly. Individuals exploring their options for therapy are often in a vulnerable state, wary of making decisions that feel rushed or uninformed. By acknowledging this and providing a structured, supportive path from the initial touchpoint onwards, we differentiate ourselves in a market where many competitors focus narrowly on immediate conversions.

the customer journey
The Customer Journey

Failure to acknowledge the complexity of the decision-making and trust building process of a potential client - and the importance of trust and authority - are the biggest mistake you can make marketing mental health care.

Our methods are indeed uncommon in the mental health industry, yet they are proven to be effective. By investing time in understanding the customer journey in mental health, we’ve developed a strategy that respects the client’s need for information, reassurance, and trust before making the significant decision to seek therapy. This journey often requires multiple interactions, each serving as an opportunity to build upon the foundation of trust and authority we’ve established from the first contact.

In essence, our agency’s comprehensive approach to remarketing and client engagement in the mental health therapy field is a testament to our deep understanding of the complexities involved in the decision-making process for therapy seekers. By prioritizing long-term relationship building over short-term conversions, we not only set ourselves apart from our competitors but also ensure that when clients do choose to reach out, they do so with confidence in your expertise and a genuine connection to your practice.